Automotive industry

Labels used in automotive industry require special resistance. They should be highly resistant to abrasion, oils, grease, brake fluid, UV rays and high temperatures, from 150°C-200°C to even 300°C. A wide range of raw materials and adhesives allows us to offer labels to mark practically all kinds of product.

, Automotive industry
Foil labels
Synthetic labels are dedicated for permanent product marking in many industries. The main advantage of foil labels is their prominent durability.
, Automotive industry
Tyre labels
All labels for tyre labelling, both paper and foil ones, are made with special ‘Tyre’ type adhesive that clings well to rubber tyre mix.
, Automotive industry
Front panels
Front panels are made of durable, laminated self-adhesive labels. Such labels and inscriptions are resistant to mechanical damage, high temperatures, UV radiation, water and chemicals.
, Automotive industry
Identification labels
Identification labels are an indispensable part of most machines and devices. They are used with each radio and domestic electrical appliances. An adhesive that is selected specially for the location of labels is used.