Foil labels

Foil labels made of self-adhesive foil materials are most commonly used kind of labels wherever long life span of labelling is required. They allow for practically unlimited personalization of print. Use of different adhesives increases their range of use. Label printing in flexographic technology or screen printing allows to obtain clear and sharp prints with very high durability. The print can additionally be protected with colourless varnish or laminate.

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Identification label
Identification labels are an indispensable part of most machines and devices. They are used with each radio and domestic electrical appliances. An adhesive that is selected specially for the location of labels is used.
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Warning labels
Warning labels are labels with imprinted warnings or danger information. Such label should be legible and durable, and, depending on where it’s used, it should also be resistant to different conditions.
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Medicine labels
Labels with information play a very important part in pharmaceutical branch. Labels in this branch are most commonly printed in few languages.
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Peel-off labels
Inside the label, apart from standard information, such as manual, contents of the product, company logo, you can print variable, personalized information.
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Fixed assets labels
To identify tangible assets permanent foil labels are used. They are resistant to aging, abrasion and washing off.
, Foil labels
Warranty seals, VOID labels
VOID seal labels are used to protect the goods against opening or to mark the goods once.