Thermal transfer and thermal paper ribbon is the most popular and cheapest way to label goods, pallets and boxes. The can be pre-printed with any colour. Thermal paper labels are used for goods that circulate fast and as logistic pallet labels, while thermal transfer labels– printed with coloured ribbons – are used when the labels are stored with the packaging for a few or more months.

Wax ribbons
Wax ribbons offer good print quality on paper labels, matted or semi-matted alike.
Wax-resin ribbons
Wax-resin ribbons offer best quality print on paper labels and allow to print some types of foil labels.
Resin ribbons
Resin ribbon provides perfect graphics print and thick barcode quality, whilst keeping high durability of print.
Textile ribbons
Textile ribbons – special kind of coloured ribbon for printing textile tags, such as: nylon, satin, silk, tyvek.