warning labels
Warning and health safety labels
Self-adhesive labels can have text or a visualized message in any patterns and colors. Labels available from 1 piece.
Cosmetic industry
Labels for cosmetics industry made of decorative, self-adhesive materials. In this industry, conveying information and abrasion resistance is of vital significance.
Food industry
Labels in food industry should not only have attractive design, but also be durable, according to the conditions they are used in.
Automotive industry
Labels used in automotive industry require special resistance to abrasion, oils, grease, brake fluid.
Household and electrical appliances industry
Labels for household and electrical appliances industry are made of foil labels with high resistance to abrasion.
Foil labels
Foil labels made of self-adhesive foil materials are most commonly used kind of labels wherever long life span of labelling is required.
Logistic labels
Paper thermal transfer and thermal labels are the most popular and cheapest way of labelling goods, pallets and boxes. They can be initially pre-printed with any colour.
Ink labels
Ink labels are made of special, absorbent material dedicated for ink print on Epson, Primera and Vortex (SpeedStar) printers.
Warehouse and rack labels
Labels and plates for labelling racks, high storage racks or pallets.
Various type of ribbons for printing labels.
Label print software
A wide range of solutions dedicated to designing and printing labels.


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