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Labels and their use

The list of potential uses of label is really limitless, and labels are becoming an integral part of many industries. Each of them has its own specifics, which must be taken into account. Each industry also has different expectations for labels. Depending on the purpose, scope of application and guidelines of the customer, the label must have specific performance characteristics.

In which industries do labels play a special role?

Labels for cosmetics industry

Labels for the cosmetics industrymust be resistant to external factors and have an attractive appearance that will make the product stand out from the competition and awaken the desire to have it in the consumer. Particular attention is paid to the design of the label and its high-quality finish. For finishing, special varnishes, metallization, gilding and embossing are used.

The most commonly used types of labels in the cosmetics industry are: booklet labels (allowing for more information; they are in the form of a compilation or booklet) or peel-off labels (so-called ‘open-close’; composed of bottom and top labels), as well as no label look (in the form of a transparent foil sticker).

Labels for food industry

Labels for the food industry must catch the eye of the consumer, be 100% safe in contact with food and adapted to the conditions in which they will be found. Substrate, print and adhesive – all layers of the label must have adequate durability.

This is particularly important for labels exposed to moisture and low temperatures. A good example are freezer labels made of paper or plastic as well as adhesive, which has properties adapted to deep freezing.

Labels in the logistics industry

Labels in the logistics industry enable efficient identification of goods and proper course of logistics operations. Labels are usually created from white paper. Data is usually printed using thermal transfer or thermal printing. Above all, logistics labels are expected to be legible and have a limited time of printed information.

Labels for the automotive industry

Labels for the automotive industry must show a particularly high level of resistance to external factors. They are exposed to mechanical damage (e.g. abrasion), very high temperatures (up to 300°C), UV radiation and the influence of lubricants and other chemical compounds. Highly durable foil labels will work perfectly well in the automotive industry.

Label for electronics and household appliances industry

Labels for marking household appliances are produced with a special film that is resistant to harmful factors. Each type of label for the electronics and household appliances industry requires a different approach, which must comply with technical and visual requirements. However, the label for the electronics and household appliances industry is expected above all for high durability and resistance of the substrate and printing to cleaning liquids, mild solvents or dirt.

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