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Labels of the future

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Labeling industry is evolving. It absorbs technological innovations, adapts to the changing environment and growing consumer requirements. The engines of such rapid progress are technological innovations, the development of e-commerce, investments in digital printing, personalization and the eco trend. If you look closely at the label industry, you can see a few dominant trends in its development.

What will the labels of tomorrow be like?

First of all – visually attractive and personalized. The label of the future must appeal to the recipient and catch the eye with its design. If properly designed, it will stand out from the crowd and convince many customers to buy.

Labels of the future will become a picture pleasing to the eye – they will have an interesting form and unusual materials, often surprising with their originality. They will be highly personalized to get as close as possible to target consumers. Label of the future will therefore pave the way for the hearts of customers by matching their needs, expectations and desires.

Secondly – labels will be digital and intelligent. The traditional printing method is already being slowly replaced by digital technology, which is part of the personalization trend. Digital method allows not only to print a small edition of high-quality labels, but also to do it directly from a computer file.

Innovative labels become an important link to the network by interacting with smartphones. They are even an intermediary between the virtual and real world. A label with a QR code allows you to go to a specific page on the Internet or connect to social media.

By scanning the label, we can get additional information, play a game, or play music that intensifies the sensations of the book being read. Innovative labels using NFC or RFID technology streamline business operations, eliminate human errors, and support business development.

What’s more, labels make a staggering career in the retail trade. Here, in turn, labels with a temperature indicator and a freshness indicator reign, as they give consumers the opportunity to assess the suitability of a given product for consumption

Po trzecie, etykiety przyszłości, to etykiety ekologiczne. Thirdly, labels of the future are ecological labels. Including the idea of ​​ecological responsibility is an increasingly raised issue. Environmental awareness of the society is constantly increasing, and issues of sustainable development and environmental protection are increasingly the main factor in making a purchasing decision.

zdjęcie: To-Genkyo

The main problems of  labeling industry

The main problems of labeling industry concern two issues: selection of the right raw materials and utilization. They generate the largest negative impact on the environment and it is primarily in these two aspects that eco-solutions are sought.

Search results include washable labels and biodegradable labels that support recycling of packaging. For the production of the former, a special adhesive is used to wash the label in recycling process and 100% recovery of the packaging. On the other hand, biodegradable labels are products made from renewable raw materials (e.g. starch, corn, egg shells) and biodegradable, which does not result in the formation of harmful substances.

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