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Wireless communication with the reader – different faces of RFID

Transport, production, warehousing or sales – these are industries in which RFID technology works perfectly. Labels that use it are based on wireless communication with the reader. This happens in many different cases. Each time, these tags mean simple and efficient identification of individual items.

RFID technology enables rapid identification of products – many of them at the same time! It can be used wherever the speed of reading data (up to several hundred markers per second) regarding details of particular items is of key importance. This technology also clearly translates into the company’s financial results.

RFID –  technology prepared for every measure

Labels using RFID technology are available in various sizes. They can also contain different types of chips. Importantly, this applies to both paper and foil labels. Their undeniable advantage is also the fact that they are the cheapest, the simplest and also the most popular form of such a solution.

RFID tags are adapted to different surfaces

RFID labels can be used primarily on non-metallic surfaces. Most often they are used for direct marking of products, as well as for marking boxes (plastic and cardboard) or pallets.

In addition, RFID tags can be used on metal surfaces and on containers that are filled with liquid. In both cases, they must be selected appropriately. Similarly, as with sealed housings, resistant to external factors. Thanks to this, even temperature, water, impacts, sand or dirt will not pose any difficulties for RFID tags.

An interesting solution are also RFID laundry tags, which are used to identify textiles. They are distinguished by high resistance to such factors as: high temperature, chemicals, ironing or other types of processes to which – during any industrial washing – all textiles are exposed.

RFID tags – supporting inventory

Regardless of the type of labels, and also what they ultimately find their purpose, all such RFID solutions are based on wireless communication with the reader. This gives you great opportunities. First of all, it allows you to save time, which involves the subsequent recognition and mapping of individual products to specific groups. This is perfect for inventories.

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